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The echo noise created by return loss is relatively easy to understand. This technical brief uses channel modeling techniques to prove that return loss also directly affects the quality of the transmitted signal and that impedance-controlled… Read more
A multiplexer (MUX) OEM evaluated Quabbin P/N 9720 for their equipment. Their lab test data confirmed that P/N 9720 met all T-1 requirements, fit modular connectors and passed FCC/Bell Core EMI radiation and emission standards. Test equipment… Read more
Produced by: IEEE Globalspec Media Solutions Low smoke zero halogen compounds not only deliver greater fire protection performance, they have been constantly evolving so that the number of applications and performance are increasing, while… Read more
FR-TPE (Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer) jacketed cables may be used for many hazardous Industrial Ethernet applications. The material has exceptional low-temperature flexibility, flex-life and moisture resistance. It also has better… Read more
It is often necessary to determine how much of a given cable or wire will fit onto a spool or reel. This article provides a relatively simple method to calculate the approximate maximum length if you know the cable’s diameter and the reel… Read more