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DataMax® CMP Stranded Patch Cable Solutions

At Quabbin, our focus is on manufacturing the best cables in the market. That’s why we are excited about our DataMax® CMP Patch Cable Solutions — DataMax® Relaxed Plenum 26 AWG and Mini Plenum 28 AWG.

These cables are ideal for patching applications where CMP is required or simply preferred for fire protection and limited smoke emissions. The smaller, flexible design improves cable density, has a max temperature rating of 105°, and promotes increased air flow to maximize rack ventilation.

DataMax® Relaxed Plenum (CMP)
26 AWG

Product (right) offers increased flexibility over standard 26 AWG cable (left)

DataMax® Mini Plenum (CMP)
28 AWG

Product (right) offers space savings over standard 26 AWG cable (left)

Design Features

  • 105° Temperature Rating 
  • 26 AWG or 28 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper
  • Twisted Pair Construction
  • Foamed FEP Insulation
  • Patented Shield System
  • Slim Design
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Tight Bend Radius
  • Improved Cable Density


  • Plenum Spaces
  • Top of Rack
  • Patching Solutions
  • High Density Installations
  • Temperature Sensitive Spaces
  • Secure Networks
  • PoE


  • Multipurpose Patch Solution
  • Fire Protection
  • Possible Insurance Advantages
  • Longer Flex Life vs. Horizontal
  • USA Made


  • NEC (ETL) Type CMP
  • CEC C(ETL) Type CMP

Free product samples

We offer free samples of the DataMax® Mini Plenum 28 AWG and the Relaxed Plenum 26 AWG. These samples will be shipped to you, free of charge, so you can see the product for yourself.


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