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Quabbin Wire & Cable Flex Testing

This test is a rolling bend test. The cable assembly is clamped near the start and end of the bend. All assemblies were terminated with AMP Cat 6 modular plugs. All assemblies were tested using a Fluke® hand held tester with patch cord adapters. Cat 6 limit lines were used so that performance changes would be more visible.

Two tests each were done on 4 pair Quabbin part number 5752 and 2 pair Quabbin part number 5772 IE patch cable assemblies. The first test was a 1 million cycle test and the second was a 10 million cycle test. All testing was done in a heated warehouse space. Temperatures ranged from 15C to 35 C. Humidity was uncontrolled and not measured. Cables were clamped using 4 bolts through a plate at each end of the flex stroke. Foam polyurethane was used to prevent damage to the cable and to provide strain relief at the clamp point.