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DataMax Extreme Industrial Ethernet cables now available with 600V AWM

August 2012

Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc. an expert in the design and construction of rugged industrial Ethernet cables has elevated their DataMax® Extreme cables to the next level by adding a 600V AWM approval.

The new rating has been applied to more than 25 part numbers and includes ALL FR TPE jacketed industrial Ethernet cables.  Constructions are available in; stranded, solid, unshielded, foil shielded, braided shield, 2 pair, 4 pair, 22, 24, and 26 AWG.

The addition of the 600V AWM rating takes this already versatile harsh environment cable to new places.  While the conventional uses are still very much in effect the 600V rating allows this cable to be used for signal and communication within MCC or Motor Control Centers where power cables are also present.  The importance of having the rating in this environment is threefold.  First it is usually a requirement.  Second users need to be assured that the cable can endure and perform in an enclosed atmosphere where highly concentrated EMI is a factor.  Lastly, the more robust jacket required to meet a 600V approval protects the network from high voltage that may leach from nearby power cables onto data cables and travel into the communication network. 

Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., works diligently to keep the DataMax® Extreme offerings abreast with the demands of the marketplace.  Our portfolio boasts cable offerings that have proven success records in all facets of automation where harsh environments exist.  Some of the other elements contributing to the  suitability of DataMax® Extreme cables for harsh environment applications include continuous flex & torsion ratings, resistance to weld spatter, chemicals, oil, and UV rays, as well as RoHS compliance.

Established in 1975, Quabbin Wire & Cable has had over 35 years of experience producing an array of electronic cables for a variety of applications.  These cables are constructed to your exact specifications with proprietary, high speed equipment resulting in the right cable at the right price.  Our capability of long, continuous lengths provides superior lot traceability and consistency.  Advanced real time process controls a step beyond industry norms monitor quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing cycle.  This establishes a foundation of quality at the beginning of the cable supply chain and contributes to cost control by increasing assembly yield and reducing rework and scrap. 

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For more information on DataMax® Extreme Industrial Ethernet Cables including product specifications, chemical resistance information, cable samples, and the names of DataMax® Extreme cord assemblers call the Quabbin Sales office at 1-800-368-3311.