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600V-Trol™ Cables Typically Provide 60% Space Saving

August 2006

Quabbin Wire’s 600 Volt rated cables provide significant cost and space saving for internal harness or external interconnection of industrial control and instrumentation systems. The cable family is rated 105 degrees C, has a UL Style 2586 appliance wire listing (AWM), a UL VW-1, and CSA FT-4 fire rating. The cable family is also RoHS compliant, which is very important if the control systems or cables are sold into Europe.

600V-Trol constructions typically range from 2 conductors through 25 conductors, either shielded or unshielded. Conductors are stranded tinned copper from 14 AWG through 22 AWG, insulated and jacketed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Larger or smaller conductors, hybrid designs with mixed AWG conductors, and multi-pair constructions are also available.

These cables achieve a 600 Volt rating with a 0.016 inch (.406 mm) insulation thickness compared to most competitive 600 Volt designs at 0.032 inch. Thus competitive cables have insulated wires with much larger diameter, which quickly multiplies the overall cable core diameter. 600V-Trol jacketing thickness is as required by UL so mechanical durability has not been compromised.

Quabbin’s 600V-Trol cables provide additional benefits such as greater flexibility, weight reduction, reduced connector complexity, smaller bend diameters, and ease of installation. In addition to improved conduit and duct fill, harnesses become smaller. Last, signal and power cables may be combined, simplifying enclosure and junction box designs.